About Us

Ningbo Zhenhai Zhanyue Hydraulic Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of threaded cartridge valves, engineering mechanical valves, multi-way valve integration, agricultural and forestry mechanical valves, and various types and specifications of two-way cartridge logic valves and cover plates.

The main products are: screw-type cartridge valve (electromagnetic on-off valve, electromagnetic proportional valve, directional valve, flow control valve, pressure control valve), ZY-LC series logic valve, ZY-LCV series logic valve, ZY -. J series logic valve, and safety valve for injection molding machine, etc., which are widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forklift, plastic machine, die-casting machine, forging machine tool, metallurgy, mining, machine tool, excavator shipbuilding, chemical industry Aerospace and other hydraulic systems.

Our Products

  • ZY-TS38-21


  • ZY-RVPO-M24-0N.000


  • ZY-RV3-10-S-0-36


  • ZY-CS32-10/40-C171-00


  • ZY-SX12


  • ZY-TJ series

    ZY-TJ series

  • ZY-CE032 S04N00N XG104

    ZY-CE032 S04N00N XG104

  • ZY-CVI-40-D20-L-10


  • ZY-CVI-32-D16-L-40


  • ZY-SWHPS-G03-B2-D24-40


  • ZY-FC08-20


  • ZY-DC08-40-0-N-25


Why Choose Us?

  • Rich experience

    Founded in 2010, the company has rich experience in the industry and is a high-tech enterprise integrating production and trade.

  • Perfect service

    The company will continue to strive to improve the quality of products, and provide considerate services for new and old customers with superior products and reasonable prices.

  • Product diversity

    Our company has more than 100 varieties in 6 series, which are widely used in construction machinery such as loaders, forklifts, plastic machines, excavators and other hydraulic systems

  • Personalization

    We have a strong design and development team, which can customize, develop and produce products according to customers' drawings and samples.